Friday, October 29, 2010

Which Templated Checkboxes in an Infragistics Webdatagrid Column are Checked

This is the codebehind I use to see which templated checkboxes in an infragistics webdatagrid column are checked.
private void TakeActionOnSelectedCustomers ()
if (igWdgCustomers.Rows.Count != 0)
foreach (GridRecord row in igWdgCustomers.Rows)
CheckBox theCB = (CheckBox)row.Items[0].FindControl("cbSelect");
if ( theCB!= null && theCB.Checked)
// check for null because footer row doesn’t have cb

// take action

This is the column being checked.

<ig:TemplateDataField Key="cbSelect" width="30px">
<Header Text=" " />
<asp:CheckBox ID="cbSelect" runat="server" />

In this case the checkbox is not databound, but it could be.

I have not found a way to use the CRUD feature of the datasource that the WebDataGrid uses to update the db value of a boolean represented by a databound checkbox.

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  1. Hi can you help me with WebHierarchicalDataGrid facing issue to find the column values and controls form child grid or bands.