Thursday, September 24, 2009

Playing with an Infragistics WebDialogWindow Bug

Found a bug in the Infragistics WebDialogWindow.

I discovered it when using the zooming function via holding down the Ctrl key and scrolling the mouse wheel to make the display more visible to the group I was demo-ing to. Moving the WebDialogWindow around leaves text behind. Oops.

Not exactly the demo I was shooting for.

But can be used to generate some cool effects:

This is what the WebDialogWindow looks like before moving it:

These are screenshots of the WebDialogWindow on zoom:

Floating away:

Where did my window go?

An out of body experience

And my personal favorite -

WebDialogWindow Abstraction :


  1. Infragistics got back to me on this one. An IE bug.

    At least it wasn't a "design decision".

    Use firefox for this one, folks.

  2. Wow that last one is particularly beautiful. Like the letters are escaping into the heavens leaving behind a skeletal dialogue box.